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A Guide to Fire Pit Materials

The backyard fire pit has slowly worked its way to the forefront of the most popular backyard landscaping features. These days it’s right up there with decks, outdoor kitchens and water features and this is true whether we’re talking about Los Angeles or Piedmont, SD. The fire pit has taken off primarily by virtue of word of mouth. As more people have had personal experiences with these backyard features they’ve spread the word to their friends and sought to include them in their own yards. One of the best things about the fire pit is that it can be constructed from a wide variety of different materials. This ensures that it will always dovetail nicely with whatever style your house may be.

Fire Pit Materials

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7 Things You Should Know Before Dropping Dollar on a Fire Pit

The outdoor fire pit has become a bit of a must-have backyard accessory these days, popping up everywhere from the fashionable yards of Long Island to the sundrenched yards of the LA hills to right here in Piedmont, SD and Rapid City, SD. Fire pits speak to something primeval in the human spirit but they’re also an excuse for homeowners, landscape architects and decorators to flex their creative muscles by finding ever more imaginative settings, materials, and shapes to fashion them from. But before you go and drop serious money on a fire pit for your backyard there are some things you’ll want to know and consider and below we’re going to highlight 7 of them.

The Many Facets of the Outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit can be a stunning minimalist expression of pure form, or it can be an elaborate baroque pedestal reminiscent of something out of 17th century Rome, or it can be anything and everything in between. What it should never be is poorly conceived. So below we present our list of the 7 things you need to know and consider in order to make sure your fire pit rocks.

Fire Pit

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12 Super Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a HVAC Contractor

The HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is the heart and lungs of your home. It’s one of those things that separate the modern home from those of our ancestors. But the HVAC system isn’t worth much without a qualified HVAC contractor to install, maintain and repair it and therein lies the rub. Because not all HVAC companies are created equal. Some are run by highly trained professionals who go the extra mile for their customers while others are run by guys who heard they could make a few bucks fixing furnaces. How do you do tell which is which? By asking questions.

HVAC Contractor

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A Guide to the Different Venting Options for Gas Fireplaces

Since time immemorial people have gathered around the fire to share stories, strengthen bonds and stay warm. The practice of gathering around the indoor fireplace goes back almost as far, to the days when early humans first brought fire into the cave with them, and has continued on to the present day. While many homes in Piedmont, SD still have traditional wood burning fireplaces they simply aren’t practical in every house or every location and so alternatives have been developed to fulfill the primal need for fire. Those alternatives include

Venting Gas Fireplaces

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