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The Benefits of Having Underfloor Heating Installed

Whether you are having a new home built in the Rapid City area and are in the process of planning how the property will be heated or you are looking to replace an existing home heating system (maybe because it's inefficient or because it simply doesn't work), underfloor heating (UFH) is one option you should definitely look into. Gone are the days when the only way to heat your home was to sit next to a wood burning fireplace; there are now numerous different types of system you can have installed, each with their own set of pros and cons. The underfloor systems that are installed by L and M Service Specialist will typically be either hot water systems or electric mat systems, and can be used in just about any type of floor construction. During this article we're going to take a look at the main advantages of opting for an underfloor heating system.

No Costly Maintenance Calls to L and M Service Specialist

There is actually very little that can go wrong with an underfloor heating system, since there are no "moving parts" required for it to function. During the installation process the heating company you choose to work with should conduct pressure checks to ensure none of the pipes contain leaks. As long as the system is in perfect condition when it is covered over it should continue to function effectively for a good number of years without any maintenance whatsoever.

Underfloor Heating Heats the Whole Room Rather than Just Part of It

Many traditional home heating systems are ineffective in the sense that parts of the room are heated to a higher temperature than others. They just don't distribute the heat that they create well. This isn't an issue with underfloor heating however, since the heating elements cover the entire area of the room, meaning heat distribution is always even and rooms can be more easily maintained at a constant temperature.

It Keeps One Part of Your Body Warm that Other Systems Don't: Your Feet

If you have wooden or tiled floors in your home this is a big advantage! Have you ever noticed that it doesn't matter how high you turn your heating up, the floor always remains deadly cold to the touch, making slippers an absolute must. With underfloor heating however you can walk barefoot around your home in the middle of winter without a care in the world.

Greater Freedom When Planning the Layout of Rooms

Traditional heating systems require some kind of fixed physical element to be present in the room, such as radiators, ducts or a fireplace. You might be thinking "so what?" Well just take a few seconds to think about this. These elements have to be in the room's design and are typically fixed into place, meaning you can never move them. This means every time you want to change the layout of the room or redesign the room, your vision has to be adjusted and compensate for these elements. This isn't an issue with underfloor heating though since everything is hidden out of view underfoot.

Greater Control Over Your Heating

Any heating professional will tell you that no other type of heating system can offer the same level of control over the temperature in your home as underfloor heating can. With many central heating systems, the heating in every single room is controlled by a single thermostat. This means that even if you're only using one room in your home, all of the others will be heated regardless. Underfloor heating however will usually have individual controls for each room, meaning your needs can be met without wasting large amounts of energy (which you pay for by the way!), which is why it's being increasingly promoted by many national organisations, including the Center for Sustainable Energy

It's Safer than Other Types of Heating

Because of the efficient manner in which UFH distributes the heat that it produces, temperatures don't have to be so high as with other heating systems. But that's not really what makes it safer than other options. It's the fact that other types of heating have those "elements" that we talked about earlier in the room. These elements aren't just visible; they can be touched too. This means young children could potentially burn themselves when the radiator or electric fire is turned on. Not with UHF though!

Underfloor Heating Has Health Benefits Too

As if the list of benefits that we've already put together isn't enough, UFH can have a positive effect on your health too. It's proven to reduce the amount of airborne dust in your home (radiators are well known for producing this), which represents a considerable advantage for anyone in your home that suffers from a respiratory condition, such as asthma.

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