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The Top Reasons to Get Your Boiler Serviced Each Year

It's an undeniable fact that the boiler is at the very centre of the modern home. Life as we know it nowadays simply wouldn't be the same without a fully functional boiler. However, this fact often fades into the background as more fun "things" are brought to the forefront of most homeowner's minds, such as planning the next family holiday or changing the car. The importance of the boiler is only remembered when something goes wrong with it and your home's heating or supply of hot water is affected. How can you ensure that things don't go wrong with your boiler? This is a question that we are often asked and the truth is, in addition to a few basic maintenance tasks, your best form of defence against unwanted boiler breakdowns is having an annual service carried out by a trained heating professional. During this article we are going to run through some of the benefits of annual boiler checks.

Why You Should Book Your Boiler in for an Maintenance Check Every Year

Just like cars, boilers should be assessed every year to check whether there have been any changes in condition and whether they are still safe to use. Boilers are undoubtedly an important piece of kit, but another similarity they share with cars is that they can be potentially dangerous if not in tip-top condition. Here are some reasons why you should arrange a professional service every year.

  • To Check the Condition of Key Components - There are many "moving pieces" that combine to allow a boiler to run and all of these pieces need to be in good condition if the boiler is to do its job effectively. A professional service ensures that all core components are checked at least once every 12 months and should their condition deteriorate, they will be replaced. This ensures that the chances of a serious breakdown are kept to a minimum.
  • To Resolve Issues that Are Affecting Performance - Your boiler will not continue to function at the same level of efficiency as the day it was installed forever. Gradually, as parts of the boiler become worn, its level of efficiency will drop and more energy will be required to heat your home, driving up your energy costs considerably. These issues will be found and addressed during the course of an annual service and the heating professional you hire will strive to make the whole system run as efficiently as possible.
  • To Make Sure It's Safe - We all know that carbon monoxide can be lethal. It's a clear gas that can't be smelt and if your boiler is leaking it, the consequences could be devastating. A professional service is recommended for peace of mind if not for anything else. An engineer will check that your boiler is in peak condition and that carbon monoxide isn't being released by it. Some of the causes of carbon monoxide leaks include incorrect installation (a reason why you should never work with anyone that's not qualified to work with boilers), lack of maintenance or poor or non-functional ventilation.
  • To Comply with the Law - If you're a landlord, it's actually a legal requirement that you arrange an annual check up of the boilers in properties you are renting out, otherwise you could land yourself in big trouble. This is to ensure the boiler is functioning safely and that you aren't putting the health of your tenants at risk.

While you might think that a professional boiler service is "just another cost," which is a feeling we do understand by the way, as you can see from the points that we have raised during this article, it's something that is absolutely necessary. To speak to a member of our team about a boiler service or to arrange yours today, call us on (605) 343-6406.