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What About Supplementing Your Central Heating System with an Electric Fireplace

If you've lived in the Rapid City area for any length of time, you know that during the winter months it can get more than a little cold, with temperatures below freezing sometimes experienced. While it's essential that you keep your central heating in good working order, there are other types of heating that can be used to ease the pressure put on your main system during these months. One of the most popular types is the electric fireplace, which has grown in popularity in recent years to the extent that it's unusual not to have one. But what is it that makes them so valuable to residents across Rapid City and the rest of the Western South Dakota? What advantages do they offer and should you consider purchasing one?

electric fireplace

Our L and M Heating Experts Explain the Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Have you been thinking about buying an electric fireplace for some time? If you have, you are probably already familiar with a lot of what we are about to point out, but for those of you that are still weighing up whether to purchase one or not, here are a few of the main advantages to doing so:

  • Incredibly Easy to Use - No other type of heating can compare to an electric fireplace in terms of ease of use and how convenient they are. Turning them on and off is as simple as flipping a switch, and there's virtually no lag between doing that and your home receiving the heat that it produces. The temperature can also be altered in a matter of seconds, often with the use of a remote control so you don't actually have to touch the unit itself
  • Easy to Have Fitted - When contacting heating engineers Nottingham and talking through the various types of heating you could have installed, you'll soon come to realise that in most cases significant modifications need to be made to your home during the installation. However, an electric fireplace is as easy to have installed as it is to operate; the only thing you need to have is a power outlet to plug it into. This provides you with greater freedom with regards to the positions in which you can have it installed in your home. Even after it has been installed, you can still move it to another position in the room, or to a new room altogether if you would like to.
  • No Fumes - For all the charm of a traditional wood fire, the fumes can be a nuisance, causing furniture to smell of smoke and creating unhealthier living conditions for everyone living in the house. With an electric fireplace, while you can still see flames on many models, you can't smell them. This is great for anyone that is unfortunate enough to suffer from breathing difficulties and prolongs the lifespan of the furnishings in your home.
  • Visually Attractive - Many electric heaters that are available for purchase today can act as a centre piece in the room and enhance it from a visual perspective, in addition to providing heat. Once you start looking you will soon come to realise that there is a vast range of different finishes available and you are almost certain to find one that fits in well with the furniture and decor in your home.
  • Virtually No Cleaning - This is the second way in which an electric fireplace is convenient. You don't have to waste countless hours cleaning it down, like with traditional fireplaces. The only thing you will have to worry about is a build up of dust, which can be removed in a matter of seconds, restoring the appearance of your heater to "like-new" condition and ensuring it continues to function perfectly for a long period of time.

If you need more reasons to purchase an electric heater, what about the fact that most of today's units are rated as "highly energy efficient" and are capable of heating your home for very low prices. L amd M Service Specialists can handle both the installation and repair of electric fireplaces in and around Rapid City, in addition to carrying out annual service checks.