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A Guide to the Different Venting Options for Gas Fireplaces

Since time immemorial people have gathered around the fire to share stories, strengthen bonds and stay warm. The practice of gathering around the indoor fireplace goes back almost as far, to the days when early humans first brought fire into the cave with them, and has continued on to the present day. While many homes in Piedmont, SD still have traditional wood burning fireplaces they simply aren’t practical in every house or every location and so alternatives have been developed to fulfill the primal need for fire. Those alternatives include

Venting Gas Fireplaces

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Is Your Central Heating System Unbalanced

If some of the rooms in your home feel like they are boiling hot when the heating is on and at the same time some of the rooms feel as though they aren't being heated at all, you have what's known as an "unbalanced" central heating system. Essentially the heat that is being produced by your central heating isn't being distributed evenly.

This is actually a very common problem since rarely do building contractors actually properly set up the heating system before they finish the job, meaning it's often left to you to sort out instead. However, it is a problem that has a solution (you probably just breathed a huge sigh of relief!). You need to have your system "balanced," which, if done correctly, should solve the problem and further alterations shouldn't need doing unless serious changes are made to your home heating system.

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The Top Reasons to Get Your Boiler Serviced Each Year

It's an undeniable fact that the boiler is at the very centre of the modern home. Life as we know it nowadays simply wouldn't be the same without a fully functional boiler. However, this fact often fades into the background as more fun "things" are brought to the forefront of most homeowner's minds, such as planning the next family holiday or changing the car. The importance of the boiler is only remembered when something goes wrong with it and your home's heating or supply of hot water is affected. How can you ensure that things don't go wrong with your boiler? This is a question that we are often asked and the truth is, in addition to a few basic maintenance tasks, your best form of defence against unwanted boiler breakdowns is having an annual service carried out by a trained heating professional. During this article we are going to run through some of the benefits of annual boiler checks.

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The Benefits of Having Underfloor Heating Installed

Whether you are having a new home built in the Rapid City area and are in the process of planning how the property will be heated or you are looking to replace an existing home heating system (maybe because it's inefficient or because it simply doesn't work), underfloor heating (UFH) is one option you should definitely look into. Gone are the days when the only way to heat your home was to sit next to a wood burning fireplace; there are now numerous different types of system you can have installed, each with their own set of pros and cons. The underfloor systems that are installed by L and M Service Specialist will typically be either hot water systems or electric mat systems, and can be used in just about any type of floor construction. During this article we're going to take a look at the main advantages of opting for an underfloor heating system.

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