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Save Money on Energy Bills During Cool Weather Months

According to the latest information from U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average United States household energy bill is expected to rise by 12% this year -- an increase of more than 20 percent since 2007. Most experts say the rise is due to external forces, such as the increased cost of fossil fuels, and while US leaders are working on policies to curtail runaway price increases by that time, L & M Service Specialists believe homeowner's can control costs on their own, today.

Utility Meter Indication Energy Prices are increasing

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How To Beat the Heat and Save Money on Your Cooling Costs

Ever wonder if there are some simple things you can do so that you can stay cool AND not break the bank when running your air conditioner on those hot summer days?

Of course the number one tip is to have your furnace and air conditioner professionally checked and serviced every year by a trusted professional in your area. They can fine tune your system, check the refrigerant levels, adjust the airflow, to keep your system performing the best possible.

Follow These Simple Tips to Help Out Your System

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How To Clean The Glass on a Gas Fireplace

One of the biggest maintenance issues in having a gas fireplace is keeping the glass clean. You may notice a white film that builds up on the inside of the glass from time to time. The best thing you can do is to try to prevent it. You may notice a “fog” or moisture on the glass when you first start your gas fireplace. Try to let your fireplace run for a long enough time so all the moisture has a chance to evaporate. The main reason the glass develops a white powdery film is due to moisture in the gas (both natural gas and propane gas) it burns not being completely dried before turning off your fireplace.

The other cause of dirty glass is`1 black soot. Anytime you have black soot on a gas fireplace glass you have a serious maintenance problem. You need to have a qualified service technician service the fireplace. This is an issue that will cause additional problems and just cleaning the glass will NOT take care of it. The soot will continue to build and can cause a dangerous situation.

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