We can install most any furnance you've been looking at and can give you a great deal on Gibson, Coleman, and Frigidaire products. We can service your exisiting furnance regardless of brand and we warantee and guarantee all of our work. Whether you need your aging furnance worked on or it's time to upgrade you can count on L and M to treat you fair and do the job right.

Air Conditioners

We work on and service any brand of air conditioner in known existence and we have the experience to ensure that your home is kept cool on those increasingly hot days. We install a wide variety of home cooling systems all across the Black Hills and beyond. Whether it's aconvetional whole house system or the new ductless split systems that give you zone control in each room of your home we have the expertise to design and install it right. We have the answers for what type of system that will work best for you so please call us today to start the process.


You may be surprised that a fireplace can be installed in just about any room in any house, old or new, and that in adding a fireplace you bring incredible value to your home. Check out our Products page for the wide variety of manufacturers we work with which ultimately gives you many design and feature choices to choose from. Along with expert installation We can service your existing fireplace to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.

Outdoor Fire Pits

We can offer you a variety of custom outdoor fire pit options. From pen and paper to reality (if you can dream it we can do it) to a simple self contained pit to keep your toes warm as you relax outdoors in your own backyard. You would be surprised at how easy to operate and maintain and outdoor fire pit can be. Contact us with your ideas and we will help bring your wishes to fruition.

Gas Piping

Did you buy a new range, grill, or firepit? Do you need your gas patio heater or pool heater hooked up? We can help! L and M are Certified Gas Piping Contractors who have installed gas pipe for just about every heating need imaginable. If you need to get natural gas to any location for any need then L and M is your best locally trusted team for the job.


A whole house humidifier can make a huge difference in our dry climate and you may be surprised at just how inexpensive it is to get one installed. The new generation models that we install are easy to maintain and operate and are truly hassle free. We can quote you a price over the phone and install one nearly as quickly so you can be living at the optimal humidity before you know it.

Shop Heaters

Whether you're a serious craftsman or work out of your garage on household projects and hobbies a shop heater is a must have for the cold temperatures native to the Black Hills. Maybe you just want to keep you car, boat, or other vehicles at constant temperature throughout the seasons and need a professional installed unit to handle the job. We have a wealth of experience in sizing your space and understanding the climate around here and can guarantee you won't overpay for a unit you don't need.

Gas Radiant Heaters

If you are looking for the warmest and best heat you can get, then gas radiant heat is the way to go. Heat the objects, not the air, for the most comfortable garage/shop you can have. Like the heat from the sun, only better because you can control it. Best of all our installs are all vented to keep you and your family safe while keeping everyone efficiently, inexpensively, toasty warm.

Space Heaters

Got a tough area to get heat to from your existing heating soltion? Then you should consider calling L and M for a high grade space heater. whether it's a new addtion or remote location no place is immune to the chill of the night or the harshness of winter and a professionally installed space heater can get the job done.