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How To Beat the Heat and Save Money on Your Cooling Costs

Ever wonder if there are some simple things you can do so that you can stay cool AND not break the bank when running your air conditioner on those hot summer days?

Of course the number one tip is to have your furnace and air conditioner professionally checked and serviced every year by a trusted professional in your area. They can fine tune your system, check the refrigerant levels, adjust the airflow, to keep your system performing the best possible.

Follow These Simple Tips to Help Out Your System

FILTER, FILTER, FILTER. Find your furnace filter and change it! It should be changed monthly (well at least checked). If you have kids or pets, let’s face it they go hand and hand, you really need to change it more frequently. Many people think filters are only important in the winter, when actually they are MORE important to your air conditioner. Air movement needs to be on high speed, the air moving across the coil is what removes heat (yes removes heat) from your house. Without proper air flow your system cannot run efficiently and you run the risk of icing up your coil, over working your blower, or worse. What good is it to have the best system money can buy only to be destroyed by a dirty filter? Clean filters mean clean ductwork and clean evaporator coil. Getting the cold air your equipment just made into your living space making you more comfortable.

Air Handler Filters

A PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT is a great piece of equipment to have installed to keep your home state of the art. You can keep your house a few degrees warmer when you are not at home and have it cooled down before you arrive saving you money. Either using the energy star program preinstalled on your device, setting your own program or use one that is wi-fi capable so you can control it remotely. How nice would it be to leave on vacation saving money while you're gone, but come home to all of the comfort you deserve. Keeping your thermostat fan set to continuous operation will help you feel cooler in the summer. Running the fan on your furnace will help keep your home at a more consistent temperature by eliminating the “dead spots”, and by recirculating the cool air in the basement and replacing the warmer air upstairs.

Programmable Thermostat with WiFi

ENERGY SAVING WINDOW TREATMENTS. Keep the sun from radiating in your home. Not only will you save energy, but you will save your home and furniture from UV rays fading and destroying it. Added bonus, they look great!

OPEN YOUR REGISTERS! Move that furniture away from cold air returns in the wall and supply registers in the floor. Your system was designed to move air, blocking the airflow harms your system and you risk icing up your coil. You are spending money to cool the air, make sure your equipment and move the cold air into your living space. Use air deflectors to help move the air if furniture cannot be moved.

Ensure you've got good return air

CHECK YOUR OUTDOOR UNIT. Is it blocked by a new deck, overgrown trees and bushes, covered in cotton from trees, or other leaves? Keep items at least two feet away. Is it dirty or damaged by hail? All of these things loose efficiency. Have it cleaned, comb the fins out, move stuff out of the way. Do you cover your unit in the off season? If you do it will help keep your unit clean. Please remember to turn the power off to the unit at the breaker while it is covered to prevent the unit from accidentally running. Running an air conditioning unit while covered will destroy your compressor.

Check outdoor ac unit

AIR FLOW: If you notice the airflow from your registers feels weak, check the copper lines outside and the ones leading to your furnace for ice build up. If you see any ice turn off the air conditioner, run the fan on continuous, and call a professional to find out what is wrong. Never run the air conditioner when ice has formed, doing so will damage your equipment, and cause premature failure.

Look for iced lines on your outdoor ac unit

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